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New Danzing Pact
Planets 6
Capital Unknown
Governmental Type Communist Autocracy
Alliances Socialist Triad
Current Leaders Unknown
Main Exports Unknown


Started as a corporate venture but mismanagement of funds and company shares caused a collapse of the company. As the company fell apart,

New Danzig Pact Emblem

the colonists banded around Socialist principles, seizing control of company assets and distributing them. Primarily hailing from China, Russia, and South America, they are avowed communists and suspicious of the other world powers, especially the Xihe Suns Corporation who they share a border with. Because of their volatile and revolutionary nature, they are frequently in economic turmoil which typically results in external conflict as they seek to mask internal weakness with warfare.

Historical Background[]

The New Danzig Pact began its life as the United Rusal Company, a Russian mining company's venture into space colonization. Founded in the same boom that formed most of the colonies outside of the Terran Sphere, the United Rusal Company was essentially doomed from the start. The company hoped to save on costs during settlement and planned for slapdash mining ventures to pay for all stages of settlement past the initial startup. However, tougher conditions and repeated setbacks quickly rendered this plan obsolete. However the Company had no funds as a backup plan and instead instituted harsh austerity measures on the colonists. Soon, inhospitable conditions on many worlds resulted in famines and deaths, the colonists, outrage, turned to their own history for the solution. Looking upon the communist revolution in Russian in 1917, they declared the rule of the company to be over. The war for independence was short, the company fought back with mercenary troops, many hired from the Xihe Suns, but soon funds ran dry and the company declared bankruptcy giving the NDP de facto independence.

Cultural Background[]

New Danzig culture is primarily Russian, but with a mixture of Eastern European elements, along with some Chinese and South American cultural aspects as well. New Danzigian people are known for hospitality and familiar disposition. Their government however is frequently seen as brutal or excessive, measures most see as required to keep the fragile colony afloat.

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