Welcome to CRG 2165Edit

Welcome players and confused onlookers! This is the latest iteration in a series of mostly unrelated country ruler games!

About the CRGEdit

This CRG is a PBEM (Play by email) game about running a nation in the mid 22nd century.

CRG 2165

Timeline of Events

Player Nations:

Kagytauo Directorate : New European Union : New Soviet Union : Church of Scientology : Austronesian Vanguard : Xihe Suns Corporation

Non Player Nations

New Danzig Pact : Kodiak Free Republic : Charybdian Confederation : People's Republic of Basilica : Bohemian Commonwealth : Islamic Repiblic of Eire : Rightfall Republic : Terran League


Socialist Triad


Galactic News Network

Wars, Battles, Conflicts

World War Three


Nuclear Pulse Drive

Factions * Technology * Events * Map

Latest activityEdit

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